Below is information about my commissioning rules and terms, these are the rules you must agree to before sending a commission request. Please read them thoroughly before sending me a message! If in doubt, PM me and I will gladly get back to you on any question.
1. Pricing & Payment


  • Prices can vary depending on the how many characters and complexity of backgrounds, however, the base price will always remain the same. 

  • I will always give a full quote on the price after the character reference sheet is supplied and before I start working.  

  • The payment method used will be Paypal via an invoice sent from me. I list all my prices in GBP as I'm English, this shouldn't present an issue with payments. 

  • I always ask that commissioners pay 100% upfront; this is to protect me from scammers.

  • Tips are welcome but not necessary.


2. Commission Process


  • I generally prefer to work with one or two commissions at a time to prevent me overworking myself and keeping the waiting time short. 

  • I do not give deadlines or a rough date when the commission will be finished, different drawings take different times and will always vary. However, I will send you progress reports if you ask for them!

  • Requesting Work in Progress pictures is permitted at any stage, however, keep in mind that waiting for the WIP to be approved will slow down my progress. If you just want to be updated however, it won't cause an issue. 

  • Changes can be requested at every WIP, however, bigger changes are limited to the sketch phase. (e.g. Pose change, Background change, Character change...) Smaller changes like missing markings can be done after the image is finished but only to a degree, it would be better to bring up errors sooner! If in doubt asking won't hurt!


3. How do I order a commission?


  • Send me a private message on my social media websites (listed at the bottom of this page). 

  • Write down a short description of what you want, this should include the theme, how many characters you want (limit of three), background information and any other important information along with references for the character/s.  

  • Please ensure the references show the full body; if you only have vague references send me as many as possible and I'll let you know anything I need to know about markings or details. After that, I should be able to give you an accurate quote! 

  • If you're happy I will then need the e-mail linked to the PayPal account you want me to send the invoice to. Once paid the commission will be on my current To-Do list.

4. Payments, cancellations and refunds


You can cancel the commission if; 

  • I have not yet started on the drawing and it is within two weeks of asking for the commission.
  • Refunds will not be given if I have started on the drawing or it is after that time period.

5. Rights & Use


  • Commissions are for personal use only; this means the customer may not use the commissioned painting for commercial purposes (I.e. Posters, T-shirts, Advertisements... etc). 

  • I will not hold any rights to the characters portrayed unless they are a creation of mine originally. The rights of the characters will stay with the respective owner. 

  • The customer may not profit from the finished piece in any form. Non-commercial uses such as uploading it to an online gallery (e.g. Furaffinity, Weasyl, ToyHouse, etc ) is allowed provided you link back to one of my accounts and do not claim the image as your own. Printing for personal use is allowed.

  • All rights and usage for the finished piece remain with the artist.

  • I as the Artist reserves the right to in future use your commission for prints/posters, t-shirts, self-advertisement, examples, and more. If you do not wish the commission to be used for profit by me, let me know. I will always try to give the commissioner a heads up (if it is possible to contact you) before using any commission for profit, within a reasonable timeframe, so the commissioner may opt out.

6. Artists Preference


There are many kinks and fetishes that I will draw however it may increase the asking price of the drawing depending on the severity of the fetish. As there are many fetishes it is hard to list all of them down. So if in doubt send me a message and I will get back to you!

However, there are some things I absolutely will not draw. 

  • Sexualized Children or Minors (Literally just... nothing illegal) 

  • NSFW/Fetish drawings for Commissioners under the age of 18 years old 

  • Large groups (Outside of YCH's, vague background characters for street views are fine) 

  • Transfetishes ie. C*ntboy/Cboy, Herm, Dickgirl, Futa, other trans fetishising terms (I will, however, draw transgender and intersex characters)

Commission Prices


Once again my pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the request as well as certain extreme fetishes. So if you want more information about what a particular piece might cost then just send me a note or PM.


  • Sketches: $35
    - No backgrounds except simple patterns/gradients/transparent. Will either be in greyscale or flat coloured at request. 

  • Rough Painting: $65
    - On a budget but still want a painting? With this you will receive a rougher painted picture. These will have a quicker turnaround than a full painting. Backgrounds (+$20) 

  • Full Painting: $90
    - Complicated backgrounds (+$40) Flat, transparent or gradient backgrounds will always be no extra cost. 

  • Pixel Art: ~Varies 
    - Variation in complexity and purpose, I will do full Stardew Valley portraits! Ask for price depending on project size.

Contact Me


If you're looking for a commission and agree to my TOS feel free to contact me on these sites!





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